Student Life at UKCBC

Student Life at UKCBC

At UKCBC, we’ve cultivated a unique, rewarding student experience that’s geared towards mature learners in London and the home counties. Over the past two decades, we have been working with mature learners to develop a student experience that fits the needs of those who are working, returning to education and raising children. 

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Studying at UKCBC

  • Minimal examinations
  • Condensed study week
  • Evening and weekend classes available
  • Diverse student body; over 80% considered mature learners
  • Lecturers with industry experience
  • Shape each course around your professional aims
We’re proud to host a vibrant, diverse study body, and we encourage students to bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. You can expect to rub shoulders with a global community of undergraduates that support each other throughout their respective programmes. 
In addition, our supportive academic team bring real-world work experience to the classroom; you’ll learn a syllabus that’s designed around creating practical, applicable solutions to issues you’re likely to encounter in your future roles. And thanks to the flexible nature of each programme, you’ll be able to shape the course around your career aims. 
Thanks to our condensed study schedule, you can continue working while studying. And if you can’t fit daytime studying around your external commitments, you can join one of our evening and weekend classes. No matter your circumstance, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your unique needs.
Finally, after listening to our student body on the stresses of formal testing, we’ve all but eliminated exams from our undergraduate degrees (delivered in partnership with UWL). Your grade will depend on the work you put in over the months of study rather than the hour spent in the stifling environment of the exam room.  

Campus Environment

  • Central London and East London locations – easy commuting options
  • Multi-million pound campus investment
  • Facilities designed to support mature learners
Our central campus has everything you need to get on with your studies; from interactive learning tools in every classroom, to isolated booths and group study zones. 
We’ve invested millions in creating an enriching campus experience for mature learners, with areas for you to relax and enjoy moments of downtime between classes and independent study sessions.
And the central London location, just a short walk from Liverpool Street Station, gives those living across London (and the home counties) easy commuting options.

Support at UKCBC

  • Small support team offering personal touch
  • Specialist support for those learning later in life
  • Flexible foundation years allow you to address any academic skill gaps with tutor support
Although small, our support team is trained to help you through the challenges of studying – from academic support in class to welfare support as and when you need it.
Thanks to our two decades of experience, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the unique needs of adult learners, specifically the challenges of returning to education, and balancing outside commitments with study. As a result, we developed a network of support staff throughout the college to offer study assistance for academic writing, as well as one-to-one sessions with tutors to understand where you’re excelling and where you might need some extra help.
We also factor study support into our foundation year programmes (available for all undergraduate degrees at UKCBC). All foundation years have been designed to ensure our mature learners are prepared for the academic challenges of study; each includes modules on academic performance and personalised learning to help you address any skill gaps before the bachelor’s degree begins.

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