Application Support

Application Support

Confused by university application fees, enrollment deadlines, and entry exams? Applying for a bachelor’s degree as a mature student can all feel rather unfamiliar. That’s why at UKCBC, we have a dedicated Application Support team for mature learners to help guide you through the process.

Degree Application Support at UKCBC

Our team has been working with mature learners for over two decades, helping them navigate the application process for bachelor’s degrees. We understand the unique challenges of adult learners, and we offer comprehensive enrolment support for all applicants. 

Our Application Support Team will guide you through the direct application or UCAS application process for our undergraduate programmes, as well as provide assistance with personal statements, student finance applications and more. 

Here’s our support process for direct application to bachelor’s degrees for mature learners at UKCBC:

1: Mature Learner Student Finance Assessment

We discuss your circumstances and indicate the student finance pathways that might apply to your situation.

2: Choosing Your Study Mode

We look at your external commitments (including work, childcare etc.) and see if and how you can fit study around your life.

3: Choosing a Course (and Enrolment Date)

We talk about your personal and career aims and discuss which bachelor’s degree matches your goals. We also discuss what you can expect post-graduation regarding salary, starting positions, and career progression.

4: Enrolment/Study Options

We look at your qualifications, academic experience + work experience and assess the most appropriate place to start your academic journey – either with a foundation year or with standard year one entry. 

5: Outlining the Admissions Criteria

We detail all the documentation you’ll need to provide for direct enrolment.

6: Start the Application Process!

We upload all documentation to our systems and prepare you for the enrollment interview. If you pass, you’ll be given an unconditional offer to enrol for your selected intake date.

7: Complete Your Student Finance Application

During this final stage, we introduce you to our Student Finance team, who will guide you through your application before the course starts. The team will help you make use of all the financial support avenues available, including the Childcare Grant, Parents’ Learning Allowance and more. 

Information, Advice and Guidance Based on on Your Needs

We understand the needs of mature learners can vary greatly due to personal circumstances, and the need for tailored advice and guidance is essential. That’s why each member of our Application Support team has a NCFE Level 2 certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance. Each applicant can receive as much or as little support from the team as they need. 

The team can help you understand if and how studying can fit around your external commitments (including childcare, work and more) with evening, weekend and condensed study. We can also assist you with selecting a course based on your career goals. In addition, the team can also guide you through our direct application process, which includes prepping for the Admissions Interview as well as providing any supporting documentation (the direct pathway has the benefit of including no application fees, as opposed to the UCAS application route). 

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