Admissions at UKCBC

At UKCBC, our admissions process has been specifically tailored to accommodate the unique needs of adult learners, ensuring accessibility, flexibility, and support at every step. Whether you’re pursuing higher education for career advancement or personal growth, UKCBC is committed to offering a smooth transition from applicant to learner that caters to the diverse lifestyles and commitments of adult learners in London.

Read on to find out how our admissions team supports each and every applicant from the first enquiry all the way through to enrollment (and beyond).

Looking for our English and Maths practice assessments?

First Steps - Enquiry, Pre-admission Support, and Your Application to Study

The journey begins with a conversation between you and our Application Support Team. They’ll cover details such as student finance (how much you’ll likely receive), study scheduling (evening and weekend classes), as well as providing specific application support, including assessing and improving your CV in preparation for your admission interview. 

Together, you’ll work out a course and study timetable that fits around work, home life, and other commitments you might have. Once you’re ready, we’ll send your application to our Admissions Team.

Admissions Interviews and Testing

Congratulations, you’ve passed the initial stage! We’ll ask those with the necessary academic qualifications for direct entry to come in for a formal interview with our admissions team; if you don’t have the necessary qualifications for direct entry, the next step is to come in for a formal interview and to sit two short assessments (maths and English) to confirm your readiness for your course of choice.

The aim of the interview is to confirm what we’ve already seen on your application – that you’re ready to study; the maths and English assessments are our final way of confirming you’re good to go. 

Once everything is completed, our admissions team will review the results and submit your complete application to our partner university.

Accept Your Offer to Study!

You’ve passed all the necessary steps! We’ll send you an offer to study for your chosen course and intake. Welcome to UKCBC!

Got a question about UKCBC’s admissions process? Want to start your application today? Get in touch with our Application Support Team today!