UKCBC Admissions: English Practice Assessment

As part of the admission process at UKCBC, we ask adult learner applicants who don’t have the necessary qualification for direct entry to complete a three-part English assessment to ensure they’re ready for the challenges of studying an undergraduate degree.


So if you’re seeking to gauge your language proficiency and embark on a journey of academic and professional growth, you’re in the right place. The practice assessment below mirrors the tests we use for admissions, providing you with a unique opportunity to experience the standards we uphold at UKCBC.

Welcome to your English Test PMU Sept 2023 Intake

This time tomorrow, _______ your driving test.

I _______ met her at a conference, but I can’t remember if I did.

Destroy someone’s confidence: _______________

Person who has applied for a job: ______________

You don’t look old! You haven’t got any ______________ on your face!

I wouldn’t eat there if I ________ you. The service is awful.

The __________ of the jury was that Mr Anderson was guilty of all charges.

Two __________ described seeing the attack from their car.

Cigarettes are often _________ into the UK because the tax is so high on them there.

Harriet will be relaxed about you borrowing her scooter – he’s very _______-back.

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