UKCBC Admissions: Maths Practice Assessment

As part of the admission process at UKCBC, we ask adult learner applicants who don’t have the necessary qualification for direct entry to complete a maths assessment to ensure they’re ready for the challenges of studying an undergraduate degree.

So if you’re seeking to gauge your numeracy proficiency and embark on a journey of academic and professional growth, you’re in the right place. The practice assessment below mirrors the tests we use for admissions, providing you with a unique opportunity to experience the standards we uphold at UKCBC.

Welcome to your Maths Test PMU Sept 2023 Intake

Pupils raise £60 for charity through a sponsored run. They decide to donate the money to the charities ‘Water Aid’ and ‘Oxfam’ in the ratio 3:2. How much will be donated to ‘Water Aid’?

A PE teacher orders 30 new bibs costing £3.99 each. What is the total cost of these bibs?

A woman bought several boxes of new tennis balls. One box of tennis balls cost her £3.20. She decides to sell them on an internet auction site for £3.80 per box. The woman must pay 5% of the selling price of each box to the internet company. What is her actual profit on one box?

A consultant records the time she spends with each customer. She visits 5 customer and records the meeting time as 45mins, 70mins, 30mins, 15mins and 15mins. What is the average (mean) time she spends with each customer?

The consultant drives from her office to visit a customer. The distance on the map is 21cm. The scale of the map is 1cm to 10km. What is the actual distance?

The latest check-in time is 75 minutes before departure. The plane leaves at 18:20. What is the latest check-in time?

In the first month, the website receives 18756 visits. The next month there were 17327 visits. What is the difference in two visits?

A plane flies at 660 km/hour for 2 hours 40 minutes. How far did it go in this time?

Teachers organised activities for three classes of 24 students and four classes of 26 students. What was the total number of students involved?

The total cost of a product is £52.60. VAT at 5% is added to this. How much is required to buy the product?

Thanks for completing the quiz. How did you do? We’ve emailed you the results for your records.

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